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Nottingham North Deanery

​Our diocese has 9 deaneries which are groups of parishes and churches. The deaneries are grouped into two Archdeaconries.


Nottingham North Deanery is made up of nineteen parishes and twenty five churches.  Emmanuel Church Bestwood is one of the parishes in the North East of the Deanery.

We join together to pray on the first Tuesday of each month for an hour from 12.30 - 1.30pm.  We also meet together for Deanery Synods.  

In Nottingham North we have a vision of an increasingly collaborative style of ministry across the whole of the Deanery. 


We are seeking to place prayer and worship at the heart of ministry and join with the Diocesan vision to grow disciples wider, younger and deeper.

Our Area Dean is Rev Peter Huxtable who is also vicar of Stapleford, in the very south of the Deanery.

For more information about Nottingham North Deanery contact the Deanery Administrator

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